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Note: This contest is for communities, public gardens, municipalities,
schools, organizations, horticultural societies and garden clubs.

If you are a home gardener, we have something for you too.
Please scroll down to the ‘Home Gardener’ heading at the bottom of this page.

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, and thanks to Vesey’s Bulbs of PEI, the Canadian Garden Council is giving away 150 gardens, each consisting of 1,000 red and white tulip bulbs. Eligible applicants for this program are communities, public gardens, municipalities, schools, organization, horticultural societies, garden clubs and the like.

The tulip is an international symbol of friendship and of spring. For Canadians, especially, the tulip is a symbol of our national ethos of kindness and friendship, witnessed, in particular, by our providing refuge to the Dutch Royal family during WW11.

This ‘150th Celebration Garden’ program celebrates who we are as Canadians and how recipient communities have played a role in defining, developing and growing Canada’s international reputation as a nation of friends.

The objective is to highlight that gardens are an important part of Canada’s history, culture, development and growth and to provide an opportunit for as many Canadians as possible to take part in the country’s 150th Anniversary celebrations via gardens.

Program Details

HOME GARDENERS - Special Limited Offer

As the recipients of our 1,000 bulb 150th Celebration Gardens will be communities, public gardens and the like, we know that many of the country’s home gardeners will also want to celebrate Canada’s 150th with a similar but smaller scale tulip garden.
Vesey’s Bulbs of PEI are selling an exclusive, limited number – only 150 in your region – of special Celebration Gardens for the home gardener, each containing 75 Red Impression and 75 White Hakuun tulips, with each colour packaged separately for your planting convenience. Bulb size 12+.
Every successful purchaser will receive a full colour certificate from the Canadian Garden Council and Vesey’s Bulbs indicating that they have participation in this special 150th Celebration.
Act now to avoid disappointment
To order your home 150th Celebration Garden of 150 bulbs Visit:


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