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Larry Hodgson
Canada's Garden Route Spokesperson Author of "A Garden Lover's Guide to Canada"

Winter? What Winter?

When snow starts to pile up and you can’t step outside without wrapping yourself in three layers of clothing, what’s a Canadian gardener to do? Head south, you say? But that requires a lot of cash and free time. I have a better, cheaper solution: why not visit the nearest public greenhouse?


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Welcome to Canada’s Garden Route.

Enjoy Canada’s Garden Experiences in all Four Seasons

Canada’s outstanding public gardens and garden experiences are most often visited in Spring and Summer. However, Autumn and Winter are also spectacular seasons in which to visit public gardens, most of which are open year-round.

Fall’s cool nights trigger the breathtakingly brilliant reds, oranges and magentas of sumacs, maples and other trees and, with crunchy snow underfoot, winter is the best time in which to appreciate the greys, greens and blues of conifers and the spectacular bark colorations and textures of so many trees and shrubs. Then, in the depths of winter, when you’re craving the sights and smells of living plants, it’s time to visit public greenhouses full of lush vegetation, tropical scents and vividly coloured flowers. Canada’s Garden experiences have something for everyone, all year long.

Canada’s Garden Route is the most comprehensive listing of Canadian gardens and garden experiences. While you’re travelling around the country and want to adjust your ‘route’ to stop in and visit some of the finest examples of ornamental horticulture the country has to offer - this is the website that will help you find the perfect garden experience you’re looking for.

You can search for gardens by name, category, province or city. Just click on the link that best suits your purposes.

In all four seasons, Canada’s garden experiences look forward to welcoming visitors, whether you come from across town or from around the world.

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