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Now is the Time to Visit Canada’s Gardens

Springtime in the Primula Glade at Jardins de Métis
photo: Michel Laverdière

As soon as winter shows the slightest sign of losing its icy grip on our lives, gardens start to burst into bloom. Extra-early snowdrops and crocus can pop up inches away from a patch of snow while pussy willow stems can be in ice at their base yet covered in furry blooms at their extremities. And those are just a few of the things you can expect to see during the very earliest, chilliest spring days.

As the season warms up, daffodils and hellebores burst into bloom, then tulip beds come to life in their myriad colours. Above them, serviceberries add their haze of white blossoms; then come the magnificent magnolias with their giant flowers in whites, pinks and yellows; followed by cherries; then crabapples and a whole range of flowering trees. And we’re still only in early May! As the season progresses, more and more plants come into bloom – forsythia, Oriental poppies, irises, peonies, lilacs and so much more – and as they do, the gardens themselves keep changing, getting more and more colourful. There is simply so much to see and enjoy!

You won’t want to miss this spectacular show, so get thee to a public garden today… and repeat your visit at least every two weeks to see the best that spring has to offer!

Larry Hodgson

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