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Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton's Wildflower Gardens
For gardeners interested in wildflowers, over 1000 vascular plant species can be found in Waterton Lakes National Park. You can enjoy colourful wildflowers from prairie meadows to alpine ridges, or right in the town at our two native plant gardens.

The Peace Park Garden features native plants that were propagated from seeds collected by park volunteers. The seeds were cultivated in the plant nursery at Glacier National Park, Montana, and found their new home behind the Administrative Building. This demonstration garden includes shrubs, trees, wildflowers and grasses. A xeriscape garden by the Falls theatre showcases native plants for drier areas. Check out the events listed below if you’re interested in volunteering or enjoying these unique gardens.

Waterton Wildflower Festival: June 15-20, 2017! Celebrate the beauty and diversity of Waterton’s wildflowers! This event features more than 80 workshops on photography and art, guided walks on plant identification and park ecosystems, family programs, photographic presentations and local entertainment. There are options for all ages, hiking abilities and plant knowledge.

Wildflower and Grasses Seed Collection: Volunteers collect seeds needed for Waterton’s restoration projects and gardens with the guidance of a botanist.

Adopt-a-Patch & Knapweed Rodeo: Help us eliminate non-native plants in Waterton!

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© Parks Canada, Janice Smith A community member enjoys the International Peace Park Garden

© Parks Canada
A community member enjoys the International Peace Park Garden  


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